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HHIO's base supplement providing the essential minerals for day to day optimum health for all equines but particularly desgined for ones that have been turned out/spelling, retired, don't need the frills or a simple potent supplement for the larger herds at a more economical cost. 

Each 10g dose includes a potent combination of:

150mg Organic Copper

450mg Organic Zinc  

1mg Organic Selenium

5mg Organic Iodine

65mg Boron

500mg Organic Magnesium

Includes DCP for filler which provides a small amount of Calcium & Phosphorus.

Apple Flavour for palatability.

No dextrose in this formulation.

Daily Dose Rate:

Hack - Large Pony 10g

Small Pony 5g

Level scoop included = 10g

Situations suitable for:

Suitable for all equines providing the top 6 essential minerals commonly missing in NZ pasture.

Suitable for all equines but speficially those wanting to keep levels up for horses that are turned out, spelling, retired, paddock mates, easy keepers who live on smell of oily rag and are in good condition, for larger herds and for any one that wants to provide good mineral levels on a budget.

For equines in work (5+days a week), travelling and competing use Inside Out Plus.

The the weekend warrior (2+ days a week) and may have hoof, coat or weight issues use Inside Out.

For equines experiencing issues such as ill health, injury, major skin, hoof, weight, health issues use Inside Out Plus.


This is a highly concentrated mineral formulation which may not be accepted with minimal feed ie: a couple of handfuls of chaff - as always it is subject to the individual equine's preferences.  It is a very small dose of 10g, so a lesser amount of feed may be needed to individual taste buds.

Dose per pack size:

1.2kg - 120 doses 

2.4kg - 240 doses

3.6kg - 360 doses

4.8kg - 480 doses