HHIO works hard to get and keep return customers and really value your business.  Now we have a brand new dedicated Rewards Program to reward each of our loyal and continued customers. 


Once you join the Loyalty Program you can earn points on every purchase which turns into $$ and other rewards off your future purchases.

You must be a member to accumulate your points and redeem rewards and must purchase online through the website.


You can earn points on your subscription orders but redeeming points can not be used for subscription orders only one off purchases.


You need to log in and create a store account first.

Look for the SIGN IN or REGISTER on the top menu.

Follow the instructions for this (If you are a returning customer you may need to reset your password due to the change over)

Once signed up/Logged in...




To access your rewards, check your balance and see what you are able to redeem, go out of your account to one of the website pages.

Click on the CHECK REWARDS tab at the bottom
Click on REWARDS tab on the left 
This will then show you how many points you have and what you can redeem
For every $1 spent within the Healthy Horses Inside Out store you will earn 1 point.  ie: spend $40, earn 40 points.
Start redeeming at 250 points.

You can redeem at each milestone, or keep your points and aim for a higher redemption value.
Redeeming your points is simple.  Once you reach the milestone, click on the rewards tab, see the list of rewards and click on the points column, then click redeem and your coupon code will appear.  Use this code at your next purchase.




You can earn points easily many different ways, not just by purchasing!

Click on the CHECK REWARDS tab

Click on the EARN tab on the right

See how you can earn extra points

To refer a friend - click on the EARN tab, click on the points next to REFER A FRIEND

This will bring up a code that you can copy and paste and send to your friend.  They get 5% off their first purchase, and once they make this purchase, your points will be rewarded.