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HHIO's most popular premium formulation now in pellet form!!

Easy uncomplicated feeding made even easier!!

Performance is a broad spectrum quality daily maintenance dose Equine Mineral, Vitamin, Amino acid, Magnesium, Binder*, Pro-biotic & Pre-biotic yeast supplement! It specifically aims to balance commonly excess and deficient minerals whilst supporting a healthy digestive system. 

Ideal for horses in regular work, who travel or compete regularly, that are prone to tummy upsets, poor weight, hoof and coat issues, recovering from injury, stress easily and general ill-thrift. 

Each 140g dose includes:

1,000mg Organic Magnesium 

250mg Organic Copper

750mg Organic Zinc

1mg Organic Selenium

10mg Organic Iodine

65mg Boron

.5mg Cobalt

20mg Biotin

10,000iu Vitamin A

1,000iu Vitamin E

100mg Vitamin B1

6,000mg Lysine

4,000mg Methionine

2,000mg Threonine

5g Binder*

3g Pro-biotic yeast

1g Pre-biotic yeast

20g Sodium Chloride (salt)

In a proprietry blend of Lucerne & Copra.


Dose rate:

140g Hack-Large pony

70g Small pony

30g Mini

250ml metric cup = 140g


Situations suitable for:

The pellet version is helpful if you have a horse that doesn't require hardfeed but does need additional support to navigate stress factors.  Ideal for all equines!  Can be used in conjunction with Support pellet, for additional digestive and behaviour support.

Performance is ideal for horses that require a higher level of nutritional support that may be due to work load, travel, competing, breeding, ill health/thrift, hoof and coat issues, prone to mild digestive upsets, injury and any equine needing additional support.  90% horses do well on this formulation alone, those that need a little further help, use in conjunction with Support - also available in pellet form. 


Trials found pellets to be acceptable in taste.  The aim was to keep the pellet ingredients within the HHIO feed guide lines and as smaller dose rate as possible, meaning more value for money.

Please note this product is generally well accepted.

It is designed to be fed alone daily and not with feed, especially wet feed.

For horses not hardfed currently, should be an easy transition, for horses currently hardfed, you may find some reluctance initially as your horse now only gets 1 cup of pellets a day rather than a larger hardfeed, this soon passes. 

This product is evolving, feedback as always is welcomed. 


*Binder per MPI Regulations:



contains MYCOSORB ®

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No A11092

See www.foodsafety.govt.nz for registration conditions.