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HHIO's Support now in an easy to feed pellet form!

The formulation is a low dose targeted product that may help support settled behaviour, digestive health support and general health.  It has high levels of highly absorbable magnesium proteinate, B Vitamins and Binder that may aid calm behaviour, along with digestive support herbs Marshmallow & Slipper Elm, Pro & Prebiotics and Glutamine and lastly Vitamin C, an important antioxidant. 

Each 70g dose includes a targeted combination of:

Organic Magnesium 1,000mg

Mycosorb Toxin Binder* 5g

Marshmallow Root 500mg

Slippery Elm 500mg

Yeasacc Pro-biotic Yeast 4.5g

Citristim Pre-biotic Yeast 1g

Glutamine 500mg

Natural Vitamin E 500iu

Vitamin C 100mg

B Vitamins - B1 400mg, B2 25mg, B3 75mg, B5 50mg, B6 25mg & B12 .25mg

In a proprietry blend of Lucerne, Copra & Linseed OR Timothy, Copra & Linseed.


Daily Dose Rate:

Horse/Large Pony (14hh+) - 70g

Small Pony - 40g

Mini - 20g

At times of stress, feed at double dose.

One metric 250ml cup is 140g, so approx 1/2 cup (125ml) gives you 70g.  A scoop is provided.

Precautions: Slippery Elm - Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.  This product has been used sucessfully since 2017 with no adverse events reported that Slippery Elm had any contraindictions, however as stated safe use in pregnant animals has not been proven. It is the owners sole responsibility to research and understand what herbs/plant extracts they administer to their horses. Consultation should be sought with a qualified herbalist or vetrinarian. 


Situations suitable for:

The pellet version is helpful if you have a horse that doesn't require hardfeed but dose need additional support to navigate stress factors.  Ideal for all equines!  Combines well with Base pellet.  Both Foundation & Performance pellets will be here soon.

Support may be helpful for horses that are prone to spookiness, unsettled behaviour, largely effected by feed/grazing, super tight and/or sore muscles, horses that are hard to settle, anxious and are startled or stress easily and don't cope with change well or are highly emotional.  Suitable for horses that require B vitamin supplementation or are in poor health and need additional support.  It may be helpful in supporting and healing mild stomach issues, however the herbal approach can take longer as it facilitates healing.  For more serious ulcer related issues please consult your vet for diagnosis.  



Trials found pellets to be acceptable in taste.  The aim was to keep the pellet ingredients within the HHIO feed guide lines and as smaller dose rate as possible, meaning more value for money.

Please note this product is generally well accepted, however can have palatability issues due to the binder inclusion, for the more fussier equine.  

It is designed to be fed alone and not with feed, especially wet feed.

For horses not hardfed currently, should be an easy transition, for horses currently hardfed, you may find some reluctance initially as your horse now only gets 1/2 cup of pellets a day rather than a larger hardfeed, this soon passes. 

This product is evolving, feedback as always is welcomed. 


*Binder per MPI Regulations:



contains MYCOSORB ®

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No A11092

See www.foodsafety.govt.nz for registration conditions.