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Slight delay in deliveries for this product only (as at 18th August) while waiting for new stock estimated to arrive beginning of next week.  

IMPROVEMENTS include increased organic Magnesium per dose - from 500mg to 1000mg.  Increased organic Iodine - from 2mg to 10mg which is important for hormone and metabolism health. Addition of 100mg B1 to help promote calm, relaxed behaviour and due to feedback now Dextrose FREE.  

HHIO strives to give the best possible formulas for NZ conditions and tweaks the formulations from continuing field research & results, and customer feedback.

PERFOMANCE is HHIO's most popular premium blend!

Performance is a broad spectrum quality daily Equine Mineral, Vitamin, Amino acid, Magnesium, Binder*, Pro-biotic & Pre-biotic yeast supplement! It specifically aims to balance commonly excess and deficient minerals whilst supporting a healthy digestive system. 

Each 40g dose includes:

1000mg Organic Magnesium 

250mg Organic Copper

750mg Organic Zinc

1mg Organic Selenium

10mg Organic Iodine

65mg Boron

.5mg Cobalt

20mg Biotin

10,000iu Vitamin A

1,000iu Vitamin E

100mg Vitamin B1

6,000mg Lysine

4,000mg Methionine

2,000mg Threonine

5g Binder*

3g Pro-biotic yeast

1g Pre-biotic yeast

.58g of DCP & Apple Flavour.  


Dose rate: 40g Hack-Large pony, 20g Small pony, 10g Mini

Level Scoop included = 40g

PERFORMANCE provides all the benefits of Foundation with higher levels of aminos, the addition of Magnesium, Binder*, Pro & Pre-biotic yeasts. Some people prefer to add things separately, others prefer the one product to do everything. For known stress factors or issues use in conjunction with Support for the ultimate level in gut health and nutritional support.

*Binder per MPI Regulations:



contains MYCOSORB ®

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No A11092

See www.foodsafety.govt.nz for registration conditions.