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New improved formulation, now with ORGANIC MAGNESIUM and increased Iodine! 

Due to demand, now also Dextrose FREE!

HHIO's foundation formula speficially for NZ conditions targeting the commonly deficient minerals, vitamins and aminos and not including commonly excessive ones (Iron, Manganese & Potassium!) It is a small concentrated dose which is jammed packed with everything your horse may need.

Each 20g dose includes a potent combination of:

200mg Organic Copper

600mg Organic Zinc  

1mg Organic Selenium

5mg Organic Iodine

700mg Organic Magnesium Proteinate

65mg Boron

.5mg Cobalt

20mg Biotin

10,000iu Vitamin A

1,000iu Vitamin E

2,000mg Lysine

1,000mg Methionine

500mg Threonine

Includes no fillers and in a base of DCP which provides 360mg Phosphorus and 480mg Calcium.

Apple Flavour 


Dose rate: Hack-large pony 20g, small pony 10g, mini 5g

Level scoop included = 20g


This is an all round formulation that helps horses with no major issues.  It works for all types, breeds, age and condition and is suitable for pleasure, breeding, young stock, retired, in work and low level performance.  For horses with more complex needs or in work, travelling a lot and issues such as grass, behaviour, poor condition and so on, then Performance is recommended. 

Please note this is a highly concentrated supplement with no fillers to bulk it out (ends up costing you more).  It is reocmmended to feed it in a carrier feed such as Copra and chaff to feed.  It will not likely be acceptable fed in a handful of chaff type situation. 

This formulation has 700mg of Organic Magnesium per dose.  For added magnesium and digestive needs over high stress times use in combination with Support.