HHIO has 4 sponsored teams of which 3 are filled and 1 is currently open for application. 

Applications close on 26th Feb 2022. 

Please email for an application form, and return completed form to the same email.  

HHIO looks forward to hearing from you.


Welcome to Team HHIO.  Healthy Horses Inside Out proudly sponsors the following riders and their horses.  They come from a range of equine disciplines and put the hard yards in to achieve their goals.   I love supporting these partnerships through their wins and losses.  HHIO loves to support and encourage every day riders to be the best they can be with a horse partner who is happy and healthy. 

All sponsored horses are powered by Inside Out Plus & Support all year round for a happy, healthy and sane horse partnership.


Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is an exceptional coach.  Her herd of 5 have been using HHIO products for a well over a year now.


"I discovered Working Equitation a decade ago and was instantly hooked. Disappointed by the direction competitive Dressage was heading in, I was thrilled to find a discipline that fostered and rewarded true harmony and partnership between horse and rider, promoting progressive training with the utmost respect for the horse’s mind and body. This is something I am very passionate about. Since then, I have taught hundreds of WE clinics and training days in NZ and have introduced countless riders to the discipline. I also run competitions 3-4 times each year. Along with ethical training using learning theory, correct rider and horse biomechanics are of particular interest to me. I follow an holistic approach to horse training, taking into account the horse's environment, hoof and dental care, saddle fit and diet."