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Formally Support Plus

This blend is specifically for the tricky horse that may be super prone to spookiness, unsettled behaviour, seriously/hugely effected by feed/grazing, super tight and/or sore muscles, horses that are hard to settle, anxious and are startled or stress easily and don't cope with change well or are highly emotional.  Suitable for horses that require B vitamin supplementation or are in poor health and need additional support.  

All the benefits of Support PLUS increased organic Magnesium, higher strength and level of probiotic, higher natural Vitamin E, B Vitamins & Vitamin C.  

Each 40g dose includes:

Organic Magnesium - high dose 2,000mg highly absorbable magnesium proteinate


Slippery Elm

Pro-biotic Yeast

Pre-biotic Yeast



Natural Vitamin E

Vitamin C

B Vitamins - B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12

Apple Flavour


Daily dose rate:

40g Horse (15hh) +

20g Large Pony (13.3hh) +

10g Small Pony (11hh) +

5g Mini


Includes no fillers. Can be used alongside both Inside Out & Inside Out Plus.